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Optimised for Quality Score

One of the biggest challenges in PPC is handling thousands of keywords. Best practice is often compromised in favour of a manageable solution. At Search Dynamics, we put optimisation first.


Keywords have low Quality Score because of match type, ad relevancy and account structure issues.

  • Poor Quality Score
  • Few Exact Match Terms
  • Poor Ad Relevancy
  • Keyword Conflicts
  • Many Unknown Keywords
With Account Architect

Thousands of keywords structured optimally for Quality Score. Lowering CPC and significantly increasing CTR.

  • High Quality Score
  • 95%+ Exact Match Terms
  • 1:1 Keyword to Ad Ratio
  • No Keyword Conflicts
  • Few Unknown Keywords

Unlocking the long tail

PPC optimisation is limited by the keywords you know.  We’ve developed proprietary technology for keyword discovery that enables us to run accounts with 95%+ exact match keywords.


We start with the wealth of data already in your account. We add insights from your business and mine competitors.


We now add metadata to each keyword with tags. Keywords are grouped by custom labels and metrics such as number of searches and competitiveness.


We use actual search terms, synonyms and our own database of variations to create a comprehensive keyword list. Each keyword inherits its parents tags and has search data added to it.


We review all keywords and sort them into positive, negative and speculative groups. At this stage, we have thousands of keywords ready for Account Architect.

Make reporting actionable

Enable your team to have complete access to PPC data on demand. We build custom dashboards with live and interactive reports. Visualise the data for any data range from campaign to keyword level.

  • Raw data download
  • Scheduled email reports
  • Live data feed
  • Upload offline data
  • Web analytics integration

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Tactical Bids

Bid management is a fundamental part of PPC. We use preparatory bidding algorithms that react to the auction in real time.

Target Position

Instead of an incremental change of bids we set target positions. These are based on conditions such as time of day and CPA.


Not limiting ourselves to last click conversion, we consider conversion paths across keywords as well as attribution of PPC in relation to online channels.

Long Tail
When sample data is too small, our bidding algorithm automatically increases the date range and factors in expected results of keywords that share the same tags.


How we work


We are setup to integrate into your team. Regular conferences, web chat, and direct lines to the team allow us to collaborate as if we are in the same office.


We constantly monitor KPI, with alerts sent to the ticketing system for immediate action. We react quickly and investigate potential issues before they adversely affect performance.

Best Practice

We implement a detailed schedule for optimisation of keywords, ad text, campaign settings, and landing pages. We share the results of these tests every month so that insights can be implemented throughout your business.


Transparent, accountable and fair

We stand by our work. We secure new clients by adding value during a free trial. We then retain them by delivering results every month.

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Let us impress before your first invoice. Simply pause your current account and trial running ours.

Monthly Agreement

We are proud to win your business every month. If at anytime you wish to discontinue, you can do so without penalty.

Fair Fees

We agree a fixed monthly fee plus a performance bonus.  We believe this is the best way to align your interests with ours.


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